Adoro as histórias de vida, que aparecem no Humans of New York

"I met my wife on a flight from Chicago to Houston. I was sitting in 3A and she was sitting in 3B. I fly first class all the time because I get free upgrades, but she had one of those bargain basement tickets, so we still have no idea how she got seated in a first class seat. I remember saying ‘howdy’ when she sat down, but for the first part of the flight, I just put in my earplugs and worked on my laptop. I’d already been divorced, so I had no inclination of meeting someone. But when the food was served, we started talking, and I learned that she had a PhD in children’s learning studies. I’m an engineer, so we started talking about statistical models. At the end of the flight, I gave her my email address, and told her: ‘If you’re interested in getting dinner, send me an email.’ When I told my friend about it, he said: ‘You gave her an email address? You’ll never hear from her again!’”


Como eu digo sempre, o que têm de ser, será. Estava destinado. :-)
 ah.... e nada acontece por acaso. 

Como o My Dear Zé, blogue enamorado. :-)
Zé passares por cá, leva uma beijoca :-)


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